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Table 4 (Max of 4 people)

How many people?

Please choose your selected time, choose how many people will be within your party, and then proceed to the payment. 

If you are unable to select your desired time, please try booking another table as that maybe free. 

If you have tried booking on other tables for your selected time, but have no luck. Please give us a call or use the contact form below as we sometimes have cancellations:

07842 266646

The entrance fee of £3.95 is dedicated to the welfare of our cats and allows for a 1 hour stay. Unfortunately we cannot compensate or extend a booked slot for anyone arriving late.

If you do have your own cat we would love to hear all about them, however, please do not bring them to our Cafe as mixing unknown cats can cause an enormous amount for stress for the animals.

Our cats are members of our family and as such are not available for adoption. Unlike other Cat Cafes our cats do not live on the premises. We are lucky as we are able to bring our fur babies to work with us everyday but at night they reside in an exclusive luxury cattery.

The welfare of our cats is absolutely paramount, and it is our priority to ensure that they have a happy, safe and fulfilling environment which they can share with our fellow cat loving customers. We are regulated and licensed by Solihull Council, who ensure our practices comply with animal welfare legislation.

We are passionate about promoting animal welfare. We welcome everyone from all walks of life, and of any age. We believe hands on interaction and guidance is the best way of educating people to be kind and respectful to animals. Any customers causing any form of unnecessary stress or harm to our cats will be asked to leave.

1) Please feel free to wander around and fuss our cats, but please do not pick them up, or wake them if they are asleep.

2) Please do not feed the cats. They have a controlled diet and eating human food can make them very ill. Cats are lactose intolerant so it’s particularly important that you do not give them milk.

3) Please be respectful and kind. Anyone causing any harm or stress to our cats will be asked to leave. This includes young children who must be supervised at all times.

4) Our cats love a fuss but they do have sharp claws and teeth, so please be careful as customers visit at their own risk. We also advise people not to wear expensive outfits as our cats do like to climb on people, and we cannot be held responsible for any damage to clothing or belongings caused by the cats.

5) When using the washroom please do not allow the cats to follow you through the door into the corridor where the toilet is situated.

6) Please feel free to take as many photos as you want. We are always delighted to see them shared on our social media sites.

7) Our cats are our family so they are not for re-homing. If you are looking to re-home a cat we would be happy to direct you to animal charities that can help.

8) Our cats do not live on the premises.

9) Our cats are inquisitive, so if we ask to check your bags before leaving please don’t be offended. We just need to make sure you don’t take home more than you came in with.

Please get in touch if you would like to book for a party larger than the tables size. Alternatively, give us a call on: 07842 266646